Yesterday (October 6th, 2021), Starz announced that Larenz Tate (Power, Ray, Crash) has been upped to a series regular in season two of Power Book II: Ghost, which will premiere this November (2021) on Starzplay.

Larenz Tate / Picture Credit: Starzplay

Larenz Tate / Picture Credit: Starzplay

Tate will reprise his role as down-but-never-out Councilman, Rashad Tate. The recent loss of the New York gubernatorial race is still clear as day in his mind, but he remains positive, and is adamant not to feel sorry for himself.

Guidance from his seemingly wise brother encourages Tate to stop simply waiting for something to occur, for something to happen for him without his participation. He must use the control he has on his own life to bring about change and action.

After taking power out for a test run, Tate now wants more; but he will have to ask himself of he is willing to risk it all, including his seat at the table.

Power Book II: Ghost’s second season begins with Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) as he continues to run from a legacy that snaps at his heels; forced to take the life of his professor, Tariq realises he is floating further and further away from the very thing he wishes to protect: his family.

Larenz Tate / Picture Credit: Starzplay
Larenz Tate / Picture Credit: Starzplay

Seeing as though Tasha (Naturi Naughton) is in witness protection, Tariq knows he must give everything he can in order to save the scraps that are left of his family; but he cannot do it alone, so turns to those with demanding presences...

Able to hold control and power over others, Davis McLean (Method Man) and his new partner Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson), as well as Tate himself, are to be confronted by Tariq and his concerns.

Every option appears to come with a high cost, so business with the Tejadas must resume. However, with two murders both involving Stansfield, Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) must question if Tariq is the best thing for her family, as she hopes to protect them no matter the cost.

It seems that seaosn two of Power Book II: Ghost will be a wild ride, as family protection is on everyone’s minds, and how to do that is becoming a dangerous habit.

Power Book II: Ghost will premiere on Starzplay on November 21st, 2021.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow in Twitter @melissajournal

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