Laura Norton lost three stone after overcoming her fizzy drink addiction.

Laura Norton

Laura Norton

The 'Emmerdale' actress has admitted she couldn't get enough of Coca-Cola, and drank four litres of it a day - 1,700 calories and 106 teaspoons of sugar - before realising she was hooked.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I had been addicted since I was teenager. At its worst I used to drink two 2-litre bottles of Coke a day. I know now how mumch sugar is in it.

"But when you are addicted, you don't relise how much you are getting through. In the end, it was my dad who pointed it out.

"One day I was at home in my pyjamas and I wanted him to go to the off-licence to get me some Coke. I think he just thought it had gone too far. It was so much caffeine, so much sugar, so bad for your teeth. I think I am lucky I still have a tooth in my head."

The 35-year-old star started her battle to lose weight around three years ago, and made decisions to improve her health.

She added: "I was in skimpy outfits all the time on telly, and the camera also adds weight to you, so I thought I'd do something. I started to do a bit of exercise, which I hadn't done for years.

"You get a bit older and weight is harder to lose. Then I cut the Coca-Cola out and started to notice the difference and then just decided to keep it up."

Meanwhile, Laura - who also started dating co-star Mark Jordan, 51, two years ago - revealed her love life has also given her a boost.

She said: "I get to work with my boyfriend. It is really lush, really easy. It just feels normal. We are not seeing each other in the show so we are not in every scene together.

"But we are in the same family so we get to travel into work together sometimes, which is nice. And then we get to go home together and binge-watch Netflix.

"It sounds corny but I love working with him, I am really lucky. He's my best mate."