Laura Whitmore says the applications have been "crazy" for this year's Love Island'.

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

ITV bosses have been inundated with people requesting to take part in the dating show after its summer 2020 and winter 2021 seasons were cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

Laura, 35, told Grazia magazine: "At the moment everything is like, knock on wood! The applications have been crazy - everyone wants to go to a hot country and get into a villa. The most important thing is to do it safely, so if it can't be done the normal way, they'll have to change things, but I'm very hopeful and excited."

Laura has admitted she can't wait to return to the show, once the health crisis has eased.

The TV star also thinks 'Love Island' may have been benefited from not being on the air for a while.

She said: "I love doing it, it’s such a fun show. And I actually think it’s been good to have had that break, for everyone who works on it, because we all went through a loss.

"It’s nice to realise how much people missed the show. Apparently applications are crazy this year. Let’s just pray the vaccines kick in.”

The show is reportedly set to return with a bigger budget than previous years, as the planned summer series is set to cost more than ever before.

Strict safety measures that will need to be in place for the show to get the green light. However, ITV isn't being discouraged by the situation.

A source recently shared: "Everyone is keen to make this happen. Everyone is keen to make this happen. 'Strictly' and 'Dancing on Ice' have happened against the odds and they’re determined that 'Love Island' can do the same."

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