Lauren Goodger found the first three months of her pregnancy to be "difficult".

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The 34-year-old star is currently preparing for the arrival of her first child but she experienced sickness and nausea during the first few months of her pregnancy.

Lauren shared during an Instagram Q&A: "[I] found it quite difficult for the first three months.

"It's just over as well and it's just starting to get better so yeah, just tired still, but not the sickness."

Although Lauren felt nauseous for prolonged periods of time, she was rarely actually sick.

The TV star explained: "I felt very, very sick but wasn't actually sick all the time.

"I have been sick a few times, or just had the feeling, I would rather have been sick because it's a mental release."

Lauren is now 18 weeks into her pregnancy and she's ultimately hoping to have a natural birth.

She said: "I want a completely natural birth, I don't want any epidural or anything - I literally want gas and air, the old fashioned way."

Lauren - who confirmed she was dating Charles Drury last year - also revealed she's planning to give her baby an "original" name.

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star said: "The baby names that I've thought of are something original. It's something that I've made up, so yes, exciting. A couple of them are original."

Asked why she doesn't just choose a "normal" name for her child, Lauren - who previously dated fellow TV star Mark Wright - replied: "I choose to answer these annoying questions, but what do you mean?

"What's 'normal'? You don't even know what it is so you can't comment on that."