Lauren Harries says Rylan Clark "should be worried" about her autobiography.

Lauren Harries met Rylan Clark during her Celebrity Big Brother stint

Lauren Harries met Rylan Clark during her Celebrity Big Brother stint

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star - who appeared on the reality show in 2013, the same year the 44-year-old presenter started hosting 'Bit On The Side' - claimed Rylan has "been mean" to her and stopped replying to her messages as he got more famous.

She told the Daily Star newspaper's Hot TV column: "Rylan should be worried. He has been mean to me. I gave him a lot of time. I knew him from when he started out and thought he was a friend. He’d even come and watch me perform.

“But people get high in this business and then forget you. He could have stayed in touch but he doesn’t even answer my messages. I haven’t changed.

"But it seems it’s all about celebrity and ego for some. Eamonn Holmes once told me about celebrities ‘They forget you easily.' I have a lot of things to say in my book ['Just Lauren']. It's taken me a while to write."

The transgender star famously appeared on racy Channel 4 dating show 'Naked Attraction' in 2019 - which will be re-aired as part of the broadcaster's Pride celebrations - and she insisted no other celebrity would dare to bare all on the programme.

She added: "It’s the most popular show I’ve ever done and I am the only celebrity to go on it. No other star is brave enough. They have tried but they just cannot do it. Can you see Holly Willoughby on there?

"I did 'Naked Attraction' to show how people like me can be accepted. And I think I succeeded. I didn’t get picked for a date and the man was incredibly rude about me and my age but that clip has gone viral."

Now, Lauren describes herself as a "sex siren" and points to the success of her OnlyFans account.

She said: "I’ve now become a sex siren. I’ve had offers from men from all over the world. And I have been sent no end of d*** pics.”