Lemar is planning to write some songs about 'Dancing on Ice'.



The 'If There's Any Justice' hitmaker was given the boot from the skating competition last week, but he has admitted the experience hasn't been a waste of time as he'll use his journey on the programme as inspiration for new music.

Speaking on 'Lorraine' on Monday (12.02.18), he said: "I've got a new album on the way, I'm always in the studio so there's always a lot of new material. I'll probably be writing some stuff about this as well. I've got some songs that will be heard shortly. The album is finished and ready to go. I'm really really looking forward to it."

And, although he was devastated about getting the chop, the 39-year-old singer thinks he left at the "perfect time" because he was starting to get some injuries.

He explained: "It's extremely hard, I must say.

"Even when I went in, I thought: 'Yeah this could be hard.' But you don't realise the amount of hours you have to put in. Each week I was putting in four to five hours every day. Last week was the only week that I wasn't able to.

"My shoulder has been a bit damaged but I think it's one of those things that even if I had stayed in, it would've been more hours every day so I think it was the perfect time."

Lemar's partner Melody Le Moal was criticised every week for her choreography by mean judge Jason Gardiner, but the hunk thought the professional skater was "great."

He said: "It was kind of bitter sweet, she's obviously come over from France and it was her first time on big TV. She did a great job, I couldn't have wished for a better partner, she was great fun. She's a crazy girl."

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