Lena Dunham is "obsessed" with 'Love Island'.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

The 'Girls' star cannot get enough of the dating show, and she has told her fans to lookout for the American series - which is based on the British show - beginning on July 9th.

The US actress wrote on Twitter: "USA, #LoveIsland is coming your way July 9th. Like the most of the UK, I am obsessed with the show.... Just saying... (sic)"

Lena is a big fan of Islander Maura Higgins, who unleashed her fury on Tom Walker, who she is coupled up with, on last night's (27.06.19) show after he called her "OTT" and admitted behind her back that she makes him "cringe" at times.

The 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' star shared a picture of Jesus with Maura's face Photoshopped over his head, and credited the artwork to Irish comedienne Aisling Bea.

And she tweeted: "For you folks in the UK who are binging on @LoveIsland like me, like Maura, I want a partner who can match me, not a coward who thinks I'm OTT, cringey and an attention seeker! Team Maura! #loveisland (art by Aisling Bea) (sic)"

Lena's comments came after Maura told Tom exactly what she thought of him after he had informed fellow Islander Jordan Hames he finds her "attention-seeking" and she makes him "cringe".

Confronting him, she said: "Why weren't you honest with me? Am I an attention seeker? Am I OTT? Do you honestly think that I want to speak to you.

"You've nothing to say for yourself because you know you're a bare faced liar. Why did you get into bed with me last night and kiss me last night if you think I'm an attention seeker?

"How dare you say those things about me."

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