Those working on AMC series The Walking Dead have never been afraid to throw a curveball the way of the viewers. Though the show is based on the Robert Kirkman comic book series of the same name, that doesn’t mean the plot followed is exactly that which we’ve read on the pages of that series, and that’s never been more apparent than as of late.

Lennie James as Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead / Credit: AMC

Lennie James as Morgan in Fear The Walking Dead / Credit: AMC

What AMC have managed to do with their Walking Dead universe however, is expand upon it with spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead. Though the shows have been separate because of their place and time in the past, and a crossover was always said to be a pipe dream, the time has now come for one character from TWD to go over to Fear. That character is Morgan Jones, played by British actor Lennie James.

Speaking with us here at Female First about filming the series, the actor admitted: “To be honest the early episodes on FTWD were a bit of a blur. I only had a week between the end of seven months on TWD and the start of Fear. I’m a little bit more settled now, mostly thanks to the very kind cast and crew. After the time I’ve had with this character to be offered this unique and incredible opportunity and challenge to explore him in a whole different place and time, with a new group of people is a real gift. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’re doing. Loving it.”

When we asked James to give us a little bit of a tease as to the role he’ll be playing in Fear, he replied: “As is typical with these things, no! I can give you almost no information of substance. What I can say, and what I’m very excited about for me, is that we’ll see a side of Morgan that neither he or we ever thought he had in him.”

What will Morgan bring to the Fear universe? / Credit: AMC
What will Morgan bring to the Fear universe? / Credit: AMC

As one of the fan-favourite characters in the show, Morgan is already somebody we’ve seen evolve and develop rapidly as a character. Having lost his son to the zombie apocalypse, he went on a mission to survive without getting blood on his hands, but lately has developed into more of a cutthroat member of the group.

Last time we saw Morgan, he drove himself out of his own group and set out on his own once more. A true lone wolf, it will be interesting to see where his journey takes him next, and just what his addition to the cast of Fear will reveal about his character.

The Walking Dead season 8 continues Sundays in the US on AMC and Mondays in the UK on FOX. Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC in the US and the BT exclusive channel AMC UK in the UK later this year.

You can also see Lennie James in his brand new drama series Save Me, available in its entirety on Sky Atlantic and NOWTV from Wednesday, February 28.

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