Lily James felt a "huge responsibility" playing Pamela Anderson.

Lily James felt under pressure playing Pamela Anderson

Lily James felt under pressure playing Pamela Anderson

The 32-year-old actress starred as Pamela, 54, in the TV drama series 'Pam and Tommy', and Lily admits she felt under pressure in the role.

She shared: "It's always such a huge responsibility to play someone, a real person, particularly with Pam, she's such an icon.

"I really love her, and I wanted to try and do her justice and try and capture her spirit and really explore what happened at that time and how she was treated and how things have changed, or not changed."

The series explores Pamela's whirlwind romance with music star Tommy Lee, who is played by Sebastian Stan.

Lily underwent a dramatic transformation for the role and she admits it was a huge challenge.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she shared: "I obviously do not look like Pamela. So, it took a lot of work, but it meant that I was able to believe myself in the role.

"When I looked at Sebastian, and I know when he looked at me, it was just so exciting, because we felt so in character and we really forgot ourselves."

Lily also joked that she and her co-star practically had to re-introduce themselves when they started their press tour for the show.

The actress admitted it was "weird" when they were reunited on the press tour.

The brunette beauty - who previously played Lady Rose Aldrige in the hit TV series 'Downton Abbey' - quipped: "We only met like once, maybe twice, before we shot, and we never saw each other out of character. So, it was kind of weird when we started doing press, we were like, 'hey, um, hi? Nice to meet you.'"