Linda Lusardi believes coronavirus could be "man made".

Linda Lusardi

Linda Lusardi

The 61-year-old actress was struck down by the virus earlier this year and admits she fears it wasn't even something "natural" which caused it as she recalled how she felt during her long battle.

She said: "It's nothing like you've ever experienced before. I've had the flu before. To me, it doesn't feel natural. I mean I um and ah whether it's man made because it doesn't feel like anything I've ever, ever experienced before. To be vomiting up blue doesn't seem normal to me. I think in the next two years we're going to find out a lot more about it all. I don't feel like it's a natural thing. If it has come from a bat in a Chinese market then maybe that's why, but it's a very odd disease."

And Linda admits her whole experience has made her "value" things more.

Speaking how it has changed her, she added: "It's made me value my life a lot more and when I first came out I was just elated to just be alive.

"I felt so responsible for my children ... Just the thought that they may not have had us anymore was terrifying. I think it's made me prioritise things a bit more and realise that showbiz really, really means nothing."

Linda has been recovering at home for over two months now and she is starting to feel a bit more back to normal, despite her lack of energy.

Talking to Fubar Radio, she shared: "Well I've been home about nine to ten weeks now, so really I'm almost back to 100%.

"I don't know if it's just the fact that I've been laid up that I feel so unfit, but apart from that, health wise I feel fine. I just haven't got a lot of energy."