Linda Robson and Janet Street-Porter will make their 'Hollyoaks' cameos at Russ Owen and Mercedes McQueen's wedding.

Linda Robson and Janet Street-Porter

Linda Robson and Janet Street-Porter

Stuart Manning - who plays the groom - has confirmed the 'Loose Women' panellists will make an appearance at the nuptials, which will air later this month as part of a one-hour special.

Speaking about his alter-ego's big day, he said: "A typical, over-the-top McQueen wedding, with all the bells and whistles!

"With a few special guests in the form of 'Loose Women'."

While Stuart admits the pair's wedding day needs to go off well, it doesn't look likely after he slept with her cousin Goldie McQueen (Chelsee Healey), and Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) clearly still has feelings for Sylver McQueen (David Tag).

He added: "Everything and anything could stand in the way of a Russ Owen and Mercedes McQueen wedding!

"I think it's so important that everything goes off without a hitch, because they are trying to prove to everyone that they are the perfect couple, but clearly, they are not!

"Mercedes has always been Russ' first true love. Mercedes can't help herself, and doesn't seem to be happy with anyone.

"Russ likes Goldie very much. What happened between them was huge mistake, and he cares for her like a sister."

Further details about Russ and Mercedes' wedding comes after Janet and Linda revealed they are to make a cameo at a special 'Oaks' nuptials.

Linda said: "We were wedding guests at 'Hollyoaks'. It was very explosive. I can't reveal anything else."

Janet added: "We do make an impact. We're featured."

'Birds of a Feather' actress Linda joked Janet had been acting like a diva on the set by refusing to wear various accessories.

She said: "She was going all through the handbags going, 'Is that designer? No, I'm not using that, I'm not wearing that.' "