Lizzie Cundy will star in a new reality TV show following over 40s looking for love.

Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie Cundy

The ITV programme, 'My Shirley Valentine Summer' is to feature a range of celebrity women, including Italian lawyer Nancy Dell'Olio and model Melinda Messenger, who will head to Greece in the hope of finding a lover.

TV presenter Annabel Giles, 'How Clean is Your House?' host Aggie Mackenzie, Chris Tarrant's ex-wife Ingrid, weather forecaster Sian Lloyd and comedian Ninia Benjamin will also star on the show.

An insider told The Sun's Bizarre TV column: "It may sound like a cross between 'The Golden Girls' and 'Love Island', but this is about a group of world-wise women who are just looking for some kind of epiphany.

"If that comes in the form of a man then that's a bonus."

The reality TV show is based on the award winning 1989 film 'Shirley Valentine', in which a trapped housewife from Liverpool travels to a Greek island, where she meets a tavern owner and begins to enjoy life again.

David Clews, creative director, said: "We can't wait to take our brilliant cast of 'Shirleys' over to Greece.

"Their summer in the sun will be a jam-packed experience - discovering new passions and rediscovering themselves as they get to grips with local life and the local dating scene.

"This is going to be a wonderfully warm, funny and heartfelt adventure. Hopefully with some romance too."

TV personality Lizzie recently opened up about her horrific experience at the hands of an alleged stalker who sent her hundreds of messages, while posing as a woman.

She said: "It's very frightening. It's horrible. I don't want to be looking over my shoulder and feeling scared. This isn't really any way to live.

"They're just so persistent, saying my clients want to see you one-on-one.

"They posed as a woman, wanting to meet me, while pretending to be a well-known star. They try to lure you in. I definitely think it's a man, as the police do."

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