Loose Women has been accused of removing fitness expert Daniel Wheeler - who you may recognise as the man who provided these awesome tips for readers looking to get into shape - from their show because he wouldn't take his shirt off during his segment.

Daniel Wheeler

Daniel Wheeler

Taking to his Facebook, Wheeler wrote on Saturday, July 16: "So... 4 days before I am meant to go on Loose Women, the researcher has pulled me from the show as I refuse to take my top off.

"Yep. That's right.

"Apparently my transformation is super inspiring and they think their audience will really be motivated by it, but only if I then take my top off...

"I'm not too sure what the legalities are here, but I'm pretty sure if I was a woman, then this stipulation would never be enforced or even asked!

"I feel very let down actually, as I have spent a lot of time and money preparing for Wednesday, business and personally, to now be sacked off and treated like a bit of meat.

"A real shame..."

Questioned about his decision since he had in the past taken his shirt off for promotional photos and selfies, he went back to his Facebook page to clarify exactly why he wouldn't do the same on the show.

He explained: "We are in an industry where people are defined by their bodies and less about their actions. People look at fitness people and if they don't have 'abs' then they couldn't possibly know what they are talking about.

"I've been there. I've got that t-shirt. I've done the topless stuff. That's not me now. I'm not saying that I won't have another shoot, or I won't lift my top up again to show hard work when I diet down for something.

"...However, that would be on MY TERMS and WHEN I WANT TO. Not when someone tells me that I have to do something or I won't get to be interviewed on TV. You also have to appreciate my background too... Having been obese, you carry around an enormous amount of self doubt and self-consciousness about how you look... Even to this day. You only have to look at my Instagram to see that I walk around in shape most of the year. I could lift up my top now and show you abs, but it doesn't mean that I'm not still embarrassed and conscious about it. I'm still very much a fat boy deep down and being pressured to do things really isn't nice."

He added: "It was a very hard decision to make to be honest. On one side of the see-saw I have potential TV exposure to grow my company and influence more people... On the other I have the long-term morals and goals of my vision.

"I could have just thrown away a very big pay check... Or I could have helped set the foundation and change everything that is potentially wrong with this industry.

"That's why I chose not to do it."

Female First has reached out to Loose Women for comment.

A spokesperson for Loose Women told Female First: "As a daily live show items often change."

A source also commented: "We were discussing how Daniel would show his amazing transformation to viewers in the same way he has done on the front cover of magazines and across his social media sites. This certainly wasn't limited to wearing no top although that is the main way he chooses to show his transformation on these front covers and social media sites so it was a natural part of the discussion."

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