The 'Loose Women' panel have hit back at Gemma Collins after she branded their show "bland and boring".

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Jane Moore, 56, can't understand why the 'Only Way is Essex' star has accused the presenters of being "rude" to her when she appeared on the show in June because she insisted she and her fellow panellists have always been "lovely" to the 37-year-old blonde.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column, Jane said: "I've done 'Loose Women' two or three times with Gemma Collins. She was good as gold. We've had a lovely time.

"So when I read what she'd said I had no idea what she was talking about. Because one time she came she brought her mum.

"We did a thing about her mum not being very well we've always been lovely to her."

On her last appearance, Gemma was quizzed over a controversial magazine interview where she refused to answer questions because the journalist hadn't read her new book, but Nadia Sawalha, 53, insists all guests are briefed on potential topics of discussion before they go on air.

She said: "The one thing I know is that we are always lovely with guests. We're always really mindful of things.

"Everything is checked and double checked that they're happy to talk about it. So we feel pretty confident on that."

Gemma previously called for the programme to be given a "shake up" after she was "annihilated" as a guest.

When asked if she could ever see herself as a 'Loose Women' panellist, she said: "Never. Never ever. Never ever in a million years.

"I am the GC, I find the show needs shaking up. The last time I was on the show, I was invited on and the women were quite rude to me. I was going through quite a difficult time. They invited me on the show and basically annihilated me. Not for me. I will never go on 'Loose Women' ever again.

"I think it's bland, it's boring, it needs shaking up. I wouldn't give them the pleasure of having me now - never again. If I was hosting a show, I think there is a way of asking questions."