Louis Smith thinks 'Tumble' "hurt" his gymnastics career.

Louis Smith

Louis Smith

The 27-year-old hunk took a year out from the sport in 2013 because he needed to get his "head straight" and, during that time, he was swiftly hired to judge on the reality TV show but he has admitted the show tarnished his title and he had to work harder to prove himself afterwards.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I think some people saw it ['Tumble'] as a publicity stunt or me not taking it as seriously as before. The more I went on in the gymnastics and did the media stuff, people still had that perception and it was hurting my career because they weren't taking me seriously enough when it came to picking me for teams or representing my country."

However, the handsome athlete doesn't regret signing up to mentor on the programme as that's where he met his now ex-girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh, who competed on the show at the time, and they're not very good friends.

He explained: "I absolutely loved it. I met so many incredible people, like that's where I met Lucy and it was just an incredible show, it was great to see gymnastics broadcasted like that to millions of people around the country, and having that opportunity for it to shine as a sport.

"So I do not regret that at all not one bit, but you know, making my comeback into the sport, it definitely made my chances of being picked a bit harder because it took away my seriousness for making a comeback."

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