Louis Theroux's new BBC Two show 'Altered States' will show him exploring "love, life and death" in the United States.

Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux

The 48-year-old documentary filmmaker is investigating

how changing social attitudes in America have changed how people live, how they raise their children and how they die.

The first episode 'Take My Baby' will explore the adoption industry and the multi-million dollar business of mothers selling their newborn babies, whilst the second installment is entitled 'Maximum Love' and will see Louis travel to Portland, the US capital of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy.

The series concludes in California with the episode 'Choosing Death' in which Louis explores the six American states that allows the terminally ill to choose to end their lives on their own terms.

In a statement, Louis said: "I have always been interested in how people conduct the most intimate aspects of their lives. For this series we looked at the new ways Americans are approaching some of humanity's oldest dilemmas: pregnant mums who feel unequipped to keep their babies and so pick new parents for them; the world of polyamory aka 'ethical non-monogamy'; and people with debilitating conditions who opt to hasten their own deaths."

Louis has been given "extraordinary levels of access" for the three-part special and admits it was a "privilege" to be able to tell the stories of the people featured in the programme.

Louis added: "All of these stories have something a touch utopian about them, involving a kind of idealism and forward thinking that brings new opportunities but also new risks.

"I have been given extraordinary levels of access to courageous people and families across the United States, many of them enduring unbelievable levels of stress and anguish, and it was a privilege to be allowed into their lives in this most personal way."

Louis achieved success and received critical acclaim for his shows 'Weird Weekends' - which ran from 1998-2000 - and 'When Louis Met...' which saw him profile several celebrities, including now controversial figures Jimmy Savile and Max Clifford.

'Altered States' will air later this year with an official date yet to be announced although he has hinted himself it will hit screens in November.