Louis Walsh is tipping Megan McKenna to win 'The X Factor: Celebrity'.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

The 67-year-old judge believes the former reality star has a great chance of tasting success on this year's star-studded edition of the annual singing competition, following her performances of her original songs.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' on Saturday night (09.11.19), Louis says: "She is honestly amazing. And she is a great songwriter and she's a great person.

"She's everything I thought she wasn't before the show and then I went to her house and she is just amazing.

"I had seen her on 'Big Brother' and 'TOWIE' and reality shows and she was kinda loud. She wasn't always the perfect person."

Fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger, 41, who joined Louis on the talk show, agrees.

She adds: "It's great because I hadn't seen her and when I saw her at Simon's house I just fell in love with her and her voice."

Nicole also has high hopes for journalist Martin Bashir - who joined the talent show as a tribute to his older brother Tommy, who died from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) aged just 29 in 1991.

The Pussycat Dolls singer says: "It is an honour to have Martin on the show. He is not a bad singer. I love what he represents. He represents that he isn't taking for granted any opportunities and he is seizing the moment. It's never too late to go after something that you love."

However, Louis has doubts about Martin's singing capabilities and thinks his time on the show could come to an end shortly.

He says: "He is a really nice man, he's very intelligent, he's charming and it's very difficult to be negative about him on the show but it's a singing show."