Louise Jameson was "annoyed" by the way her 'EastEnders' exit was handled.

Louise Jameson was annoyed by her EastEnders exit

Louise Jameson was annoyed by her EastEnders exit

The 72-year-old actress played Rosa Di Marco for two years between 1998 and 2000 and she's now revealed BBC bosses failed to tell her the character was being written out until the night before the news was announced in the papers - insisting it "wasn't respectful".

She told Inside Soap magazine: "I was annoyed about the way it was announced. I was only told the night before it appeared in the papers. I thought they could have run it by me first so I could tell my family. It wasn't respectful."

Louise joined rival ITV soap 'Emmerdale' last year as Mary Goskirk and it was recently revealed she'll be staying on the Dales for at least another year after renewing her contract.

According to The Sun newspaper, she said of the deal: "I’ve just signed for another year. So I’m definitely there until January 2024. In my head I’m thinking maybe a couple of years after that, maybe a three or four year stint. But there are people here who have been here 25 years going, ‘Yeah, I said that at the beginning.’ But who knows? They’re such a lovely bunch, who knows?”

An insider added to the publication: "Louise has been a revelation on Emmerdale and bosses were keen for her to stay. The deal was to see how she went down with audiences before discussions of an extension would take place, and it’s fair to say she’s a hit with fans.”

As well as her soap roles, Louise is also known for starring in 'Doctor Who' in the late 1970s. She played companion Leela oposite Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, and she previously admitted they didn't become good friends until years after their stint on the sci-fi show.

Louise told RadioTimes.com: "It's no secret we weren't bosom buddies back in the '70s but we've become such good friends since the '90s ... He's a one-off, isn't he? He's eccentric and weird and wonderful and witty and intelligent and all those things the Doctor should be. My goodness, he's eccentric! And unpredictable, and I've learnt to really love that about him."