'Love Island' newcomer Alexandra Cane used to work for Demi Rose.

Demi Rose

Demi Rose

The 27-year-old make-up artist used to help the 23-year-old model with her beauty products for two years, and admits working with the raven-haired beauty is partly why she has amassed a 157,000-strong following on Instagram.

She said: "I was Demi Rose's makeup artist. We met a few years ago and I was her makeup artist for two years. I've got a large Instagram following from working with her.

"As a makeup artist, I have worked in the industry for a while. I've worked with music artists and I've dated a few."

There have been a few quick re-couplings with others after break ups in the villa this year, and Alexandra is a big reader about love and "doesn't really know" if people are supposed to be monogamous.

She said: "I read a lot about love - books from anthropologists and speakers so my mind is frazzled with my thoughts on monogamy. I don't really know as humans if we are meant to be monogamous. I started reading about it and about different types of love.

"I don't condone cheating and I don't agree with it but I would do everything in my power to try and understand why cheating happens."

She is looking for someone to be a "real gentleman" to her in the villa, but doesn't want to date anyone who is "over the top".

Alexandra said: "I love somebody with a personality otherwise I feel like I'm carrying the relationship.

turn off.

"Someone who is over the top. I like someone who is just calm and natural."

And Alexandra doesn't look like she'll be taking things lightly if anyone annoys her.

She recalled: "I went on one date where a guy didn't turn up for an hour so I ordered without him, ate my food then he turned up and I left and he had to pay the bill."