Love Island's Camilla Thurlow and Jonny Mitchell have split up - already.

Camilla Thurlow

Camilla Thurlow

Things looked like they were hotting up between the pair in last night's (13.06.17) show after they shared a smooch in front of the cameras but it hasn't lasted long as things came crashing down tonight (14.06.17) when they got into a row over feminism.

The discussion began when Camilla asked Jonny whether he would pay for the girl on a date, to which Jonny said: "Yeah, I'd pay. With my ex for five years, I don't remember her paying for a thing. She did offer, but in the end she just stopped offering."

Camilla was taken aback by this and said: "Oh gosh, but surely at the beginning it's better to go halves because you don't know how it's going to pan out?"

After rowing over female rights and their position in society, Camilla started questioning their compatibility and realised they'd never really go anyway.

She said: We just got onto a subject that probably wasn't the right thing to be discussing under these circumstances, and we have incredibly different views.

"I'm so stupid, this is actually what I didn't want to do - start liking someone before I got to know them. Because this is what happens when you move too quickly, then you find something out and then you just know this could never go anywhere."

The blonde beauty - who has previously romanced Prince Harry - then began pulling apart Jonny's characteristics and, in particular, his etiquette at the table.

She explained: "I can barely look at him, let alone try and talk to him. I'm not saying that he's not entitled to his opinion, I'm just saying that I can't agree with that. There have been little things I've noticed, sometimes at meal times, he doesn't help clean up and he takes first, and will be like 'pass me that' when it's at the other end of the table - he'll want it straight up to him. I am funny about those things anyway. I feel like it comes across as though I'm trying to take a moral high ground and of course I'm not, absolutely not, and I respect that other people have different views. But for me, anyone who is at this time in life discussing feminism in that way, it really puts me off."