Lucy Mecklenburgh wants 'Celebrity Big Brother' to revoke Ryan Thomas' warning.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh

The 'Coronation Street' actor was accused of physical assault by Roxanne Pallett in the rose, and the former 'Emmerdale' star has since admitted she mistook something playful for something more.

Speaking on the 'Victoria Derbyshire Show' on Monday (03.09.18), Lucy said: "I want Big Brother to revoke his warning and make an apology. I think when they give warnings in the past it is for serious things and he didn't do anything.

"That's why there are so many Ofcom complaints, everyone can see with their eyes that nothing happened."

She insisted that bosses for the Channel 5 show have handled the situation badly by not letting Ryan see the footage or know that it reveals he did nothing wrong.

She added: "It's been hard to watch, for Ryan's family and friends. We all know the truth, and nothing happened, but for him to go through it thinking everyone on the outside may be thinking he's a woman beater... it's been hard.

"His mum and brothers are in bits, and his daughter hasn't seen it but we don't want people saying things [to her]. If there wasn't a camera it would have been very damaging, but I think it has had the reverse effect and everyone is supporting him."

Roxanne quit the show over the weekend after accusing her housemate of punching her during a play fight but she's now admitted her accusations were wrong and she understands the backlash against her.

She said: "At the time it hurt but when I looked back at the clip as soon as I left the house, it was the first thing I did and I got it wrong, I really got it wrong...

"I agree fully with every single person who was outraged."

And the brunette beauty offered a "massive" apology to Ryan and his family and friends for her "overreaction".

Speaking on 'Jeremy Vine', she said: "I massively apologise, not just to Ryan but his family, friends, fans, every single person that watched that and justifiably saw an overreaction to what wasn't a malicious act. "