Lucy Pargeter was "thankful" to be cleaning baby sick off her bedroom floor last night (01.10.18) at the same time as her 'Emmerdale' character was losing a baby.

Lucy Pargeter

Lucy Pargeter

The 41-year-old actress welcomed twin girls Missy and Betsy - who she refers to as "twirls" - in April last year, and she is even more grateful for the pair after shooting a traumatic storyline in which her alter-ego Chas Dingle's baby Grace was alive for just 20 minutes after being diagnosed with bilateral renal agenesis.

She wrote on Twitter: "I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has watched tonight's epp. I was cleaning sick up off my bedroom floor from one of the #twirls at the time , but knowing what was going on on screen I was thankful to be doing it ... " if that makes sense " I hope it was

"Respectful of anyone who has been through anything close .... and makes people hold their children close and be thankful for the gift we have been given .... thank you x x x (sic)"

Both Lucy and Dominic Brunt, who plays Grace's dad Paddy Kirk, were inundated with social media messages of praise after their tear-jerking performances on last night's (01.10.18) 'Emmerdale', and the fan reaction left Dominic emotional.

He tweeted: "Dear all. Just looked at twitter. I'm just overwhelmed. Seriously. I'm filming in the middle of a field in the freezing rain so I haven't seen the episode yet. I'll read every single post when I get inside. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you @emmerdale @lucyparge

"Reading through all your responses to last nights episode is very emotional indeed. Thank you. To all parents who have lost a child and got in touch, as parents ourselves, we only felt a fraction of your pain and loss and our hearts are with you. x (sic)"

Dominic recently admitted he had to read his scripts for the baby loss story in private, because he kept bursting into tears.

He said: "It kept taking us by surprise. We read the script and it was almost impossible to read it without bursting into tears all the time, so I kept reading it in private.

"I thought it was just me being soft, but Lucy said the same.

"Situations where you were holding a real baby who was gurgling in front of you just made it all the more real and all the more emotional."

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