Lucy Watson wants to get back on television screens this year.

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star has kept a relatively low profile since she quit the E4 reality TV show almost two years ago in order to focus on charity work, but she has made it one of hew New Year's resolutions to land a new small screen gig during 2018.

She would also like to open vegan restaurant, renovate her house, study photography, save more animals from cruelty and abuse and team up with more charities.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the 25-year-old beauty uploaded a screenshot of her resolutions that she'd written down on her phone notes, which said: "2018 goals:

- save more animals

- help more charities

- do more yoga

- eat more plants

- open a vegan restaurant

- learn more about photography

- renovate my house

- get back on the big screen"

Lucy - who works closely with PETA and the RSCPA - has been an animal activist since a very young age and went vegetarian at six years old after she realised that her childhood friend Maisie - a gorgeous little lamb - was about to go off to slaughter.

She then decided to go vegan two years ago and has just dropped her new cookbook 'Feed Me Vegan', in which all of her recipes are made from animal-free ingredients.

She's also released a cruelty-free make-up range called Basic Bitch and is an advocate for animal rescue and tries to encourage people to adopt rather than shop.