Luisa Bradshaw-White posted a sweet tribute to her wife to mark Lesbian Visibility Week.

Luisa Bradshaw-White and Annette Yeo (c) Instagram

Luisa Bradshaw-White and Annette Yeo (c) Instagram

The former 'EastEnders' actress paid tribute to her spouse of over two decades, Annette Yeo, as she opened up about "happy" family life with their two teenage daughters.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: "Happy #lesbianvisibilityweek ... Girls we are so special we get a WHOLE WEEK! ... For those of you who don’t know ... I have been with my wife @annette.yeo for 21 years. We have two teenager daughters. We are a very happy family. Live your truth. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Luisa previously opened up about the "immensely rewarding" journey she has been on since she adopted her daughters, who are now 19 and 17.

She wrote: "We have been on such a journey since, (they are now 19 and nearly 18.). Rocky at times! But I always say they were exactly what I asked for! Cheeky, kind, naughty, fun and so loving. I won’t talk about the trauma they have experienced as that is their story.

"But for me the journey has been so incredibly beautiful. Challenging, but so immensely rewarding. There are so many kids out there that need a loving environment a place to call home, that is safe, and nurtures them. It won’t be easy but life never is! I couldn’t love my girls any more than I do. This is my forever family and I am so grateful every single day. #adoption (sic)"

Last year, Luisa posted a sweet message to mark her wedding anniversary.

She wrote: "Happy Anniversary @annette.yeo 5 years today. But over 20 you have put up with me! [smile emoji] I love what we create together. You make me feel safe in this crazy world. You are my anchor. And my best friend. I love you Mumma Muff. (sic)"