Lydia Bright's baby has bronchitis.

Lydia Bright's baby has bronchitis

Lydia Bright's baby has bronchitis

The former 'TOWIE' star rushed her daughter Loretta, 21 months, to hospital after she experienced breathing difficulties, and doctors told her the little one has bronchitis, an infection of the main airways of the lungs.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: "It turns out my poor baby has Bronchitis. (sic)"

Beforehand, Lydia had revealed she had taken her daughter - who she shares with ex-boyfriend Lee Cronin - to A&E to get checked out.

She wrote: "From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I received so many messages re Loretta's breathing.

"Last night, it got really bad and I thought it was best to go to A&E and get it checked out."

The 30-year-old star also shared a message she received from a nurse who follows her.

It read: "Hi Lydia, I'm a paediatric staff nurse in A&E and hope you don't mind me messaging but Loretta sounds as though she has a significant wheeze which may need an inhaler and steroids.

"If you feel her breathing becomes laboured and she starts sucking in under her ribs please seek medical advice.

"There are some really nasty bugs going around at the moment.

"As a mum myself it's awful when your little one is unwell. Keep safe x (sic)"

What's more, the reality star posted some of the messages she had exchanged with her mum Debbie Bright during her tough 48 hours.

And she wrote: "It's been a really hard 48 hours.

"No matter how old I get I will always need my mum and dad. Thank you for always being there."

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