Lynda Bellingham's sons are to challenge their stepfather over their mother's will.

Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham

Michael and Robbie Peluso have lashed out at their mum's widow Michael Pattemore for allegedly depriving them of their inheritance, evicting them from their family home, squandering Lynda's cash on lavish holidays, and sleeping with a string of women in the marital bed.

Michael, 32, told the Mail On Sunday newspaper: "Our stepfather always says he's close to us, but that's not the case. We want the public to know that a lot of what they've been told just isn't true.

"This isn't about money. It's about the fact that he's got control over everything my mother worked for her entire life, and we know that's not what she wanted."

The siblings reached the end of their tether when Michael "disrespected" their late mother, who passed away 18 months ago from colon cancer, by claiming in an interview that he'd had sex with her ghost on numerous occasions.

Robbie, 27, explained: "She should be remembered for all the wonderful work she did as an actress and the inspiring courage she showed at the end of her life, not for these tacky revelations that are tarnishing the reputation she worked so hard for. When I read the interview about her ghost, I knew it was time to stand up for her, and give our side of everything that has happened."

The brothers are convinced their mother wanted their stepfather to ensure they were looked after following her passing but, instead, they claim he's told them the money is tied up in properties and impossible to access.

However, they find this hard to believe as Michael - who married Lynda in 2008 - has reportedly spent thousands of pounds on himself, including splashing out on a hair transplant, since the TV star's tragic death in 2014.

The siblings have now warned their stepfather - who was left everything in Lynda's will in order to avoid "inheritance tax" - that they're willing to take the matter to court.

Michael said: "We knew what she wanted for us. She told us many times she wanted to buy each of us a flat.

"We have given him plenty of chances to sit down and work something out, but he has ignored every letter our lawyers have sent."

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