The male stars of 'The Real Full Monty' were paid £10,000 each for their appearance on the show.

Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott

On Thursday (12.04.18), it was revealed that the female celebrities who starred on the show were paid the handsome fee, and it's now emerged that their male counterparts - including the likes of Ainsley Harriott, James Argent, and Ashley Banjo - were also well rewarded, while just £4,000 ended up going to cancer charities.

A TV source told The Sun newspaper: "Viewers were made to think the show was all about raising awareness and funds for testicular and prostate cancer.

"It wasn't made clear to fans that participants had pocketed a huge sum."

At present, the much-hyped show's fundraising page reveals that it has raised just £4,218 for charity, while ITV has now amended its website, saying that the programme was simply "in the name of charity".

A spokesperson explained: "These shows were never positioned as charity fundraisers.

"However, after last year's performance we found some of the audience wanted to donate."

This comes after a source bemoaned the fact that viewers weren't made more aware of the situation prior to the shows being aired.

The insider said: "Viewers were made to think 'The Real Full Monty: Ladies Night' was all about raising awareness and funds for breast cancer.

"While it did raise huge awareness and encourage viewers to check their bodies a host of the stars took a massive payday in the name of charity.

"It's pretty appalling that this wasn't made clear to viewers. Fans will be furious that they pocketed such huge sums."

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