Malika Haqq had "several colds" while she was in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Mailka Haqq

Mailka Haqq

The 34-year-old reality TV star - who comes from sunny California in the US - has admitted she almost walked out of the abode just days before she was given the boot because she had been feeling under the weather and was finding it "physically and emotionally" draining battling with the virus.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain' today (02.02.18), the brunette beauty said: "I come to London all the time. I work in Manchester as well. I was thinking I'll stay in my room, but it's cold on the outside, it's cold on the inside. I had several colds while I was in there. It's hard emotionally and physically."

And after getting the boot on Tuesday (30.01.18), Malika jumped straight in the shower.

She added: "I was so excited to get into a shower that someone hadn't just jumped out of before me. You miss those things. You don't realise how much you take things for granted until you don't have it."

However, although she had a tough time on the show, the actress thinks the experience benefitted her.

She explained: "I'm a control freak and you have to give up your control. I like controlling myself but I think that's being harsher on myself too, so relinquishing control made it a bit easier, mentally. I didn't have an issue with anyone in the house, I was a little stifled by the structure of Big Brother itself. I'll talk to anyone, but it was really rough, things like, 'So, I can't shower when I want to?' "

While she was in the house, her best friend Khloe Kardashian announced her pregnancy to the world and she has admitted it was tough not being able to touch base with her while she was on the show.

She said: "It got rougher and rougher but she was one of the very first phone calls when I got out."

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