Marcel Somerville was asked to go on 'Love Island' in 2016 as the "bombshell."

Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville

The 32-year-old singer won over the hearts of the nation when he took part in the dating show last year and struck up a relationship with his girlfriend Gabby Allen, but he has admitted his future would've ended up very different if he'd joined the programme when bosses initially approached him because they wanted him to cause trouble.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the hunk said: "The year prior they wanted me to go onto the show as a bombshell.

"I went through the medical and all of that and it was going in the last two weeks of the show. But I was kind of like I don't know if I want to go in the last two weeks because I was watching the show and I don't think I could make a dent in there."

And, although he turned it down in 2016, producers were keen to get him on the last series, where he met the blonde beauty, and he has admitted it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up because he was excited about what may have come out of it.

He added: "And at the start of the year in 2017, they contacted my agent and said do you reckon Marcel would want to come on and have a meeting? And it just snowballed from there. I was 31, I had a good job, I was making music but you know when someone gives you an opportunity you just have to go with it."

But he's not so willing to do 'Dancing on Ice' or 'Strictly Come Dancing' because he's been put off shaking his stuff because of his time in his band Blazin' Squad.

He explained: "I think I'm probably more suited to the jungle because I like to do challenges and I like to talk to people but I think 'Dancing on Ice' or 'Strictly' I don't think I would be well suited to it because I don't like learning routines because of Blazin' Squad. It comes from making us doing 'Love on the Line' and they made us dance to it and I was like we'll never dance again. We'll sway from side to side and we'll wave our hands but we'll never do another routine."

Meanwhile, Marcel has partnered with Plusnet, the brand that can't help but help, to cut through the Valentine's cringe and offer straight-talking, no-nonsense love advice.

From February 5 until Valentine's Day, Plusnet is launching a free hotline with pre-recorded love advice from Marcel.

The hotline will even offer callers the chance to leave Marcel a message with their love dilemmas and he will respond to his favourite questions on Plusnet's Twitter channel on Valentine's Day. Call 0808 173 LOVE to receive Marcel's expert love tips, from online dating to finding someone that's 100 per cent your type on paper.