Marcel Somerville wants to go on 'The Jeremy Kyle Show'.

Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville

The 'Love Island' hunk - who has been dating Gabby Allen since last summer - has become a well-known relationship guru since taking part in the dating series last year and he is now keen to make his title official by becoming a love counsellor on the daytime talk show.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "OMG imagine me doing a 'Jeremy Kyle' of love but I kind of want to steal Jeremy Kyle's style - like I want to do DNA tests because that kind of stuff is crazy, that's intense! But I don't want to steal Jeremy's job init but I could definitely be the love counsellor on that. I'd be like out the back and they could see me."

And, although the 32-year-old heartthrob is known for sorting out everyone else's relationship issues, he has admitted him and Gabby sometimes squabble.

He said: "The thing with me and Gabs is that we're both really chilled out people and even if we ever feel a certain way, we just talk about it and because we do that it kind of makes our relationship run a lot smoothly. Obviously being a love guru puts a small bit of pressure on our relationship but we know how good we are together but in regards to our relationship, we're not in a normal relationship but we try to treat it as normal as possible."

The couple moved in together at the end of last year but it hasn't put any pressure on them.

He explained: "We started off the relationship living in each other's pockets. I had a big sister growing up and I got taught all the things I needed to do because if I didn't do it my sister was going to be livid. Gabs has no issues with me, if anything she leaves her clothes all over the gaff. I don't annoy me because it's our gaff and I do walk around picking them up and putting them in the bedroom. She just takes them off and walks off.

"We've got a second bedroom which is literally her wardrobe and now she's got a treadmill in there. It's a spare room aka her dressing room."