Mario Falcone is making his own suit for his wedding.

Mariol Falcone

Mariol Falcone

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star is set to tie the knot with his partner Becky Miesner later this year and has decided that he's going design his and his best men's suits for the occasion because he's tailored "for years."

He said: "Yes I'll be designing and making it, as well as the suits for my best men. I've tailored for years and love the traditional wedding suit with tails. I also like the idea of my ushers being in dinner suits, which myself and my best men will change into for the evening. I'll literally do it all, cutting the suits from cloth and then swing them together."

The couple have also decided that they don't want a traditional wedding cake because they think the idea is "old fashioned" and tends to go wasted.

Speaking in OK! magazine's Celebrity Secrets issue, Becky said: "I'm not a massive fan of wedding cake - it's a bit old fashioned and most tends to get wasted. We're planning on having a little twist on that, rather than anything too tradition.

"Having something like a cake made out of different types of cheese would be my dream. I'd be sat there in the corner digging in!"

But Mario has other ideas as he'd prefer to go for something a little sweet.

He added: "I'd love a Krispy Kreme tower as an alternative wedding cake. I'm definitely with Becky on the fact we need to do something a little bit different."

And the pair have something special planned for the entertainment.

Becky explained: "We have a few performers booked to surprise our guests, as Mario and I wanted something out of the ordinary."

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