Mark Bonnar has joined the cast of 'The Rig'.

Mark Bonnar

Mark Bonnar

The 52-year-old actor will reunite with his former 'Line of Duty' co-star Martin Compston and the show's director John Strickland on Amazon Prime Video's upcoming six-part series, which follows a crew who get trapped on an oil rig in the North Sea when they are enveloped by a mysterious fog.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: “Mark is the latest recruit to the cast of The Rig, which is clearly going to be dominated by top Scottish actors.

"And they’re going to have a serious feeling of déjà vu when they walk on set and start filming the supernatural thriller this month.”

It marks the first Amazon Original series - directed by John Strickland - made exclusively in Scotland with an ensemble cast of other big names that are yet to be announced.

Mark - who played DCC Mike Dryden in the second series of 'Line of Duty' - has previously insisted he doesn't just consider himself a leading man and will happily consider all offers of work, though he won't say yes to everything.

He said: "I've no idea what that means. It's all well and good thinking of yourself in one way. Then you wake up in the morning and go, 'Right. How am I going to pay the mortgage this month?'

"There's a balance to be struck, always. But I think that the choice we have - the one choice we have as actors - is to say no. And it's about doing that well, making the right choice."

And the 'Psychoville' actor tries to keep his career in perspective.

He said: "Little steps on the way to death. Hopefully each of those steps is nice, intricately crafted little something to look at, to observe and to feel something for."