Mark Jordon has been charged with grievous bodily harm and assault.

Mark Jordon

Mark Jordon

The 'Emmerdale' actor - who plays Daz Spencer in the ITV soap - has been hit with the charge after he allegedly attacked a 67-year-old man in July, and he is due to appear at Tameside Magistrates' Court on November 8.

A Greater Manchester Police (GMP) spokesman said: "Mark Jordon of Tamewater Court, Oldham, has been charged with GBH and section 39 common assault.

"He will appear at Tameside Magistrates' Court on November 8."

The GMP spokesperson said police officers were called to a road in Oldham, north west England, following reports of an assault on July 1.

Mark - who played Graham Naisby in two episodes of 'Coronation Street' in 2014 - appeared as Daz in 2014 before landing a regular role in 'Emmerdale' in 2017.

Recent 'Emmerdale' scenes saw Mark's alter-ego Daz attacked by Kerry Wyatt - who is played by his real-life girlfriend Laura Norton - and she recently revealed they practiced the scenes at home.

She said: "We did practice. The night before I was a bit nervous about it. It was a bit weird.

"I took the stage directions literally just for safety. So you go, right we're up against a wall, I can do that, I know what I'm doing with it.

"So he said, 'Right, practice on me.' And I couldn't stop laughing. So we didn't get to do it once without laughing."

Laura and former 'Heartbeat' star Mark have been together for three years, and the former 'A Wake in Providence' star recently admitted they are having a "lush" time as a couple.

Speaking in June, she said: "We've just had our anniversary. It's just lush. It sounds a bit corny, but it is.

"It's out there now."