Marnie Simpson has named her son Rox.

Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson

The 'Geordie Shore' star and her partner Casey Johnson have confirmed the moniker they have chosen for their little boy, who they welcomed into the world last month.

In a post on Instagram, Marnie captioned it: "Rox Johnson ... 29.10.19 ... 8.1 ... We adore you so much our beautiful boy (sic)"

Whilst Casey wrote in a matching post on his page: "ROX JOHNSON EVERYBODY! LOVE YOU @marns you are so strong (sic)"

And Marnie also admitted she had to "compromise" on the name because she wanted a really "out there" moniker, but Casey was less keen.

Sitting down with OK! magazine, Marnie confessed: "The name that we chose is the only name we agreed on."

Whilst Casey added: "Because every other name is too out there. Every name Marnie likes the names that were so out there. I want an out there name but not too out there."

To which Marnie replied: "I had to come some sort of agreement, we had to compromise."

Meanwhile, Marnie previously admitted her labour was "extremely long" and "traumatic."

She said: "Hi everyone, I wanted to come on because I have been very inactive for a good few days but as you can see, I don't exactly want to do video looking this rough. But I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone to who's messaged. I'm trying my hardest to go through all the messages and reply to everyone because it honestly means so much to us. Obviously it was a very traumatic experience for me and it wasn't the easiest labour. But I'm just so thankful that everyone is so supportive and so nice and that everyone has just been there for us.

"Once I'm feeling a bit better I'll definitely be on here a little but more but me and baby are doing amazing. He is absolutely perfect, he is just everything and more and me and Casey are recovering well from the extremely long long labour. But yeah, thank you to you all and I will definitely get back to everyone in good time, so thank you! (sic)"