Marnie Simpson wants to have a baby next year.

Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson

The 'Geordie Shore' star has just got the keys to her and her boyfriend Casey Johnson's new house and it seems the couple aren't hanging around when it comes to taking their relationship to the next level as they're already thinking about starting a family together in the near future.

Marnie explained: "Maybe next year. He'd like one now but I'm going to wait. I think 27 would be a good age. I've always wanted a little boy - I think it's because my family are all girls."

And the 26-year-old beauty wouldn't think twice if Casey, 22, was to pop the question to her.

She told OK! magazine: "If Casey proposed, I'd definitely say yes. He's adorable. I don't really mind how he does it - we could be watching a movie and he could do it. As long as it's him, I don't care...

"We're like best friend. People who don't know use don't know if we're together or not, but we do have a very passionate relationship behind closed doors.

"We have a very good sex life, but we have that really good friendship too"! Because in the long run, when a romance dies down, it's friendship you have to fall back on."

The couple - who have only been dating for six months - have received criticism over the past half a year because fans believe they're moving too fast by buying a house in Bedford together.

Marnie added: "Casey's The One, so it's fine. It's a lovely detached house with five bedrooms. It's really pretty. It's just outside London - in Bedfordshire. I've been ordering all the bits for it."