Martin Clunes' dog is like a comforting teddy bear.

Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes

The 55-year-old actor - who has 18-year-old daughter Emily with wife Philippa Braithwaite - loves taking his beloved Jack Russell Jim to work with him because he knows he can turn to his canine companion when he feels "sad or tired".

He said: "He has been [to the 'Doc Martin' set], if I was a bit sad or tired, he can come and visit me.

"When Emily was born we read this book, [and it said] a child's teddy bear, when they've got it with them, they can do anything, [so] don't take it away from them, and quite often Jim is like that for me."

Martin was accompanied by Jim on his appearance on TV show 'Loose Women' on Friday (17.11.17) and though the dog stayed quiet on the desk during his famous owner's interview, he still managed to cause chaos.

Midway through Martin's chat with the panel, anchor Andrea McLean got up from her seat to stroke the dog and said: "Jim you're lovely but your bum has knocked off Martin's microphone."

She readjusted the former 'Men Behaving Badly' star's mic and their chat continued as normal before the show broke for adverts.

However, when the show returned to air, the panel and studio audience were in fits of laughter and it was revealed Martin had had to come back on the set as Jim had broken free from the green room and wandered back out.

Andrea quipped: "If you've ever wondered if 'Loose Women' is pre-recorded, we're completely live. We've never had a dog wander through the studio. I've had a few dogs sitting here with me."

When the audience gasped, she insisted: "You were thinking it."

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