Martin Clunes cries when he watches 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes

The 'Doc Martin' star has admitted he welled up when he watched the celebrities - particularly Alexandra Burke and Debbie McGee - take to the dance floor on the ballroom and latin show last weekend because he gets emotion when people succeed.

When asked when he last cried, he told the "Watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' last week! I cry when people achieve things. I cry at 'Britain's Got Talent', too."

And it's not just success that pulls at the 55-year-old actor's heartstrings, as he's a huge animal lover and thoroughly enjoys working alongside dogs on the medical drama.

He explained: "I love it. We've learned in series eight that dogs have always loved the doctor. It's such a riot working with Dodger and Paddy, the other dog, and Sonia - their trainer - is lovely. Yes [my own jack russell comes on set with me], he is sometimes in his basket, out of sight behind the doctor's desk, during a scene. I love having him around. He's a bit like a teddy bear, and he bolsters my confidence."

Meanwhile, Martin has admitted he's tempted to give up acting and become a full-time farmer after he got stuck into agriculture seven years ago when he bought a plot of land in Beaminster, Dorset, - but that field of work doesn't make enough money.

He said previously: : "When I first started doing it, I never saw this coming, it wasn't the plan. It just drifted on to us and I thought, 'This won't last.' 10 years later... You find yourself at two in the morning, pinning a ewe to the wall as you strip milk off her to put down a line to the stomach of a lamb that's not drinking it and you think, 'I'm supposed to be a luvvie, what am I doing here?' ... It's tempting [to give up acting] but at the moment, I earn better as an actor than a farmer. It's always hard leaving it, it was hard getting on the train this morning, it gets harder. I love every inch of the farm, every tree."