Martin Compston slipped into “detective mode” while playing a new game.

Martin Compston studies the evidence in Cluedo Liars Edition

Martin Compston studies the evidence in Cluedo Liars Edition

The ‘Line of Duty’ actor couldn’t stop himself slipping into character as DS Steve Arnott after he studied the clues available to him as he tried to figure out whodunit while playing ‘Cluedo Liars Edition’, a new twist on the classic murder mystery game.

A fun new promo video for the game showed the Scottish star slipping into his alter ego’s London tones and saying: “Police interview by DS…”

He then caught on to what he was saying and corrected himself as he shouted: “I’m done playing games. I can spot a liar a mile away and you are lying.”

When his pal warned him he was taking the game “way too seriously”, Martin replied: “Sorry, it’s detective mode, I just get carried away, you know.”

In the video, Martin can also be seen studying an evidence board featuring various notes and photographs as he mutters: “I know they’re lying. One of you did it. It doesn’t make any sense”.

Not only does the clip feature brief nods to Martin’s most famous roles, it also sees him rule out classic ‘Cluedo’ character Miss Scarlet as a suspect, discovering a balaclava, which he dismisses as being from the “wrong case” as he rummages through a box of evidence, finding important case files in the kitchen - where he's set up his evidence board - and interrogating a fellow player with vital questions such as “who are you texting?”

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'Cluedo Liars Edition' - which sees players gather evidence to crack the case while using their best lying skills to cause havoc and trying to figure out which of their competitors are being less than honest too - from Hasbro Gaming is available now to buy from Smyth’s, Argos, Amazon and all good major retailers for RRP £22.00.