Matt Lucas has hinted at a revival of 'Little Britain'.

Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas

The 46-year-old comedy actor starred in the hit series alongside David Walliams in the 2000s, and he's suggested that the one-off revival of the show for the BBC's 'Big Night In' might be the start of something more substantial.

Asked about the prospect of a long-term revival by ITV's Lorraine Kelly, Matt explained: "Why not? it would be fun.

"We've both got quite a lot on, but we're definitely up for doing more. It might be nice doing a stage tour or a podcast, that would be fun. Or maybe even doing the TV show again, who knows."

Matt and David, 48, recorded the one-off show from the comfort of their own homes, wearing homemade costumes as they returned to play characters such as Majorie Dawes and Vicky Pollard.

'Little Britain' initially ran from 2003 until 2005 - but Matt previously revealed he was happy to quit the show before he became "bored" of making it.

He shared: "I wasn't bored of it. I just felt it's important to stop before we get bored of it."

Matt also admitted he relished the experience of working with David, describing him as "very inspiring" and a good friend.

The actor - who has also starred in 'Doctor Who' and the 2011 comedy movie 'Bridesmaids' - said: "It's very important to challenge yourself. I find David Walliams very inspiring, he's someone who challenges himself, and I find that very inspiring.

"I love working with David; we're good friends and ... you know, it's a wonderful relationship."