Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith has said his lack of understanding women is similar to that of the Time Lord 'Doctor Who'.

The 31-year-old actor plays the titular role in the long-running sci-fi show - which will celebrate its 50th anniversary later this month - and admitted that he can be as awkward as the doctor around females.

He told the Sunday Express newspaper: "I was always interested in the Doctor not understanding women. I don't either, really, but he is flummoxed by them, because he doesn't get it."

Matt - who will leave the show after the Christmas special later this year - will miss playing the Doctor but revealed he will be keeping some props to help him cope with his exit.

He said: "I will really miss playing him but I know the Christmas farewell episode will be a real belter and I will keep a piece of him with me as I am keeping my original tweedy costume at home along with my sonic screwdriver."

And with Tenth Doctor David Tennant returning to the show for its celebratory episode 'The Day of the Doctor' on November 23, Matt insisted he would also love to reprise his role in the future.

He added: "I'll always come back if asked to play him in future. Maybe we could do something for the programme's 60th anniversary and, if I'm still around then, I'll come back for the 100th anniversary special too."

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