Matthew Wolfenden has undergone a foot operation.

Matthew Wolfenden

Matthew Wolfenden

The 'Emmerdale' actor took to his Instagram account to reveal he was going under the knife by sharing a picture of himself dressed in a hospital gown while sat in a medical facility's bed.

He wrote: "My current view... I'm having an op on my foot, not a caesarean (sic)"

The 38-year-old actor - who plays David Metcalfe in the ITV soap - also shared a video from his hospital bed.

As the clip played out a drilling sound could be heard while the operation appeared to be taking place, and he was seen mouthing the words "what's that noise?"

He also captioned post: "What's that noise???? (sic)"

Matthew is yet to reveal what the op is for and whether it will impact his filming schedule on the soap.

Just last month, Matthew revealed had to re-write an 'Emmerdale' scene - in which his character and Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) were in his alter-ego's shop the morning after the night before - after he broke his thumb and had to wear a cast.

He said: "I broke my thumb the day before we shot that episode. So we had to write that in.

"I actually wrote that in myself, because I was like, 'How am I going to get around that fact?' "

Matthew had to wear the cast on his hand for two weeks.

He added: "I was playing cricket, and I got hit by the ball. It's still blummin' sore. It was very embarrassing.

"I had to have [the cast] put on for two weeks."

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