Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright and his wife are undergoing treatment for IVF.

The 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' contestant and his second spouse Amelia Gatte - whom he married in 2010 - are trying to conceive a baby with the help of IVF after she's now unable to fall pregnant naturally following an ectopic pregnancy four years ago.

Matthew said: "It's funny because I actually didn't want children.

"But then Amelia almost died and everything changed.

"People think of IVF as a miracle that solves everything but the reality is, it doesn't. It's very hard to go through it."

The couple sought the advice of a Harley Street professional to help them start a family, but all three of their IVF pregnancies so far have ended in a miscarriage.

However, doctors are convinced that with a change of medicine, the next try will be successful.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Matthew said: "This isn't the last go but obviously if it doesn't work then we will have to start thinking about where we go from there.

"We had a friend who was still trying aged 46. She tried one more time and had healthy twins!

"A story like that just shows anything's possible."

Amelia added: "We said we'd try three times and then stop but then here we are, trying a fourth time.

"Hopefully the next will be successful and we can celebrate two things in 2014 -- Matthew maybe being King of the Jungle, and a baby!"

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