Maureen Lipman's northern accent has returned since she started working on 'Coronation Street'.

Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman

The 72-year-old actress - who was born and raised in Hull - has been cast as Tyrone's grandma Evelyn in the ITV soap and she's found shooting in Manchester "very comforting".

She said: "There is something very comforting about coming back up north, my son says I am already speaking with a northern accent."

Evelyn looks very different to Maureen - who appeared in 'Corrie' as landlady Lilian Spencer in 2002 - and the veteran actress tries not to think too much about how her character appears on screen as she'd just get "depressed".

She said: "She is a genuine battleaxe without a man to battle - except maybe picking fights with Dev and putting Tyrone in his place regularly.

"She is stuck in the past - her clothes are of someone who is always after a bargain, she has put her hair into victory rolls.

"She is not batty and flyaway, she's carefully dressed but I try not to think about what she looks like as I would just get depressed.

"I don't watch, I will maybe watch things later on, long after they have been on but I really don't enjoy watching myself. I can see me thinking, I get impatient with myself, I think a lot of actors feel that way, it is hard to be objective. I don't read reviews and I am not on social media I just get on with the job."

One of the things Maureen likes most about her character is that she has a dog.

She said: "I love dogs and the one who plays Cerberus is lovely and calm.

"I am happy she has him and you get to see the softer side of her."