Melanie C's act Torrin has won 'The Voice Kids'.

Mel C's act Torrin has won The Voice Kids

Mel C's act Torrin has won The Voice Kids

The Spice Girls singer coached the 14-year-old star to victory in the ITV show, which culminated last night (29.12.21) with the teenager performing 'Auld Lang Syne' as her final song.

Speaking to host Emma Willis after the news was revealed, Torrin said: "It just feels totally incredible and thank you to Melanie because I wouldn't be here without you!"

Mel admitted she is "so excited" to see what Torrin does in the future following her 'Voice Kids' victory.

She said: "Torrin for me was an instant chair turner.

"She just has this incredibly unique quality about her, in her voice and then getting to know her personality as well she's very, very special.

"She's really unique. I always talk about wanting to be touched, wanting to feel a connection and emotion when somebody performs and she has that more than most. I'm so excited for her future.

"She's a singer/songwriter, she has that quality but the riffs are so soulful.

"She has like a Celtic feel and then these soulful riffs.

"It's like nothing I've ever heard. The control and the emotion – she's so special."

Torrin triumphed after winning the virtual audience's vote following her final performance, and 47-year-old singer Mel thinks the teen can become "one of the greats of our time".

She added: "I really felt she was something really special but I didn't know if she'd be the audience's choice. There was so much talent in that studio, technically incredible singers.

"I just think Torrin is so special in so many ways and I think she kind of breaks the mould. As much as I wanted her to win and as much as I thought she had the potential I didn't know whether that was what the audience would decide and when they did it was just the most incredible feeling. I'm very, very proud of her.

"I think if she continues on this path; she's so passionate, she's so dedicated that I just think there's no stopping her. I do believe she could become one of the greats of our time. She's got that potential.

"She's so talented. She just has that ability to connect with people and to touch your soul."

The Voice Kids' entire series is now available on ITV Hub.

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