Mel Owen will seduce Phil Mitchell in 'EastEnders' in a bid to stop him from carrying out a violent attack on her son Hunter Owen.

Phil Mitchell and Mel Owen

Phil Mitchell and Mel Owen

In scenes to be screened on the BBC One soap on Monday night (09.04.18), Mel - who is portrayed by Tamzin Outhwaite - will use her feminine charms to protect her son who is in Phil's sights for bedding his daughter Louise.

Since arriving in Walford, Hunter (Charlie Winter) has been looking to provoke and upset Phil (Steve McFadden) for his role in the death of his dad Steve Owen - who was played by Martin Kemp.

And in an ultimate act of provocation, Hunter took Louise's virginity when he knew dad Phil would be able to see on his phone via CCTV cameras set up at his nightclub.

This act prompted Phil to fetch a baseball bat and go out searching for Hunter to deliver some Mitchell-style revenge.

However, panicked Mel decides to revisit her and Phil's romantic history from the distant past and goes to visit the Albert Square hardman.

After flirting with him and seductively spilling a drink in his lap, Phil can't resist the sultry blond and leans in for a kiss with Mel with wife Sharon not in his thoughts.

It is not yet known whether things will go further between the former flames or whether Mel's action will ultimately keep Hunter safe, as Phil still gives the young man a scare later this week.

'EastEnders' airs on BBC One at 8pm on Monday night (09.04.18).