'Merlin' star Colin Morgan and 'Mary Poppins Returns' voice actor Kobna Holdbrook-Smith star in Audible's new espionage thriller 'The Vault'.

Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan

Colin - who is best known for playing the titular role in fantasy series 'Merlin' - and Ghanian-born star, whose voice acting credits also include 'Doctor Strange' and 'Paddington 2', will appear in the upcoming Berlin-based spoken word saga by best-selling author Mark Dawson, which is set before the Berlin Wall was built in 1961.

A synopsis for 'The Vault' reads: "Set at a time when the cold war has not yet thawed, political tensions inspire bloody retribution and trust is a rare commodity - even amongst allies - The Vault is as gripping as it is atmospheric.

"Harry Mackintosh is the head of MI6's Berlin Station. When four of his best field agents are murdered by the Stasi during a failed defection operation, he has no choice but to respond.

"East German intelligence has become increasingly ruthless.

"MI6 has been overrun.

"Mackintosh knows that he won't be able to fight back, unless he's provided with a new kind of operative, in a high-risk mission that risks the lives and the freedom of everyone involved."

Audible has previously seen the likes of 'Ocean's 8' star Richard Armitage perform popular novel 'Their Lost Daughters', 'Downton Abbey' actress Joanne Froggatt narrated 'Silent Child' and 'Six Degrees of Assassination' starred 'Fleabag' actor Andrew Scott and 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood' star Freema Agyeman.

'The Vault' is available to pre-order now at www.audible.co.uk and will be available to download from 31st October 2019 for free as part as Audible's 30 day free trial.

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