Big news broke about Arrow’s sixth season at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, as it was revealed that LOST star Michael Emerson would be joining the show in a recurring role. Any other details were scarce, with an air of mystery surrounding his character. He’ll appear alongside David Nykl, who’ll be returning to the role of fan-favourite character, Anatoly Knyazev.

Michael Emerson will play a mysterious new character

Michael Emerson will play a mysterious new character

The casting bombshell came as the show’s recurring cast took to the stage for a panel, taking questions from press and fans alike. Showrunner Marc Guggenheim promised that viewers this time round would “see a different side of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell)”, but there wasn’t too many secrets revealed.

What we’ll all be waiting to find out when season 6 debuts however is just whether or not all the members of Team Arrow survived following the explosion on the island of Lian Yu. If somebody doesn’t make it back, that certainly would be precedent for Queen to change not just for the season, but forever.

The new season will also see the return of fan favourite actress Katie Cassidy, in the role of Black Siren. It’s going to be one action-packed ride.

Arrow season 6 debuts on The CW in its new Thursdays 9/8c timeslot in the US, from October 12.

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