Michelle Collins would stay in 'Coronation Street' "forever" if she was ever asked back.

Michelle Collins at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards

Michelle Collins at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards

The 56-year-old star played Stella Price in the ITV soap from 2011 to 2014, and while she is "not yet" ready to return to the famous cobbles, should she grace Weatherfield with her presence again the former 'EastEnders' star would settle back in for an indefinite stint.

Speaking at the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards at London's Royal Festival Hall on Sunday (13.05.18), she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Never say never, but I wouldn't go back at the moment.

"I like doing different things. I'm a bit of a chameleon and I think if I went back I would probably stay forever.

"So not yet, not yet."

Michelle is yet to watch last week's Aidan Connor suicide storyline unfold on 'Corrie', but believes such plots are important to cover.

She said: "I've recorded it to watch. Often you worry about soaps that they over-sensationalise it but apparently they didn't, so that's great.

"I think we need to tackle things like that on TV.

"You run out of storylines - they've been going 50 years. 'EastEnders' has always covered social issues, too."

The soap has come under fire from several big-name stars, including Sir Michael Parkinson and Paul O'Grady, for its recent dark storylines, but Michelle believes the soap should cover such issues, as long as they do so "responsibly".

She added: "'Corrie' was always known for its sense of humour but they've got a bit more serious, and I think that's good.

"As long as they do it well and they don't over-sensationalise it. They also tackled the rape thing as well.

"As long as they're responsible and they do something at the end, give the helpline details, I think it's great.

"Soaps are hugely popular. A lot of people watch them. A lot of young people as well. So I think it's really good."