Michelle Keegan has signed up for another series of 'Our Girl'.

Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane

Michelle Keegan as Georgie Lane

The 31-year-old actress is reportedly set to reprise her role as army medic Lance Corporal Georgie Lane in the hit BBC One show.

A source told The Sun's Bizarre TV Column: "Producers think that Michelle has been really good for the show, after taking over from Lacey Turner, and were keen to write her into a further series after developing her character. They have some meaty ­storylines lined up involving both action and romance."

The news comes after Michelle admitted she desperately misses her family when she is away on location shooting 'Our Girl'.

She shared: "Luckily we have FaceTime now, so that helps massively, but when I go through experiences in my life, even when I was doing 'Our Girl', I was thinking the whole time, 'I wish I could show my mum and dad where I am.' And I wish everyone could come out and see what I'm doing. But it's nice to come home with those experiences and share them. I do miss them a lot when I'm away."

And Michelle previously revealed she is unsure if she or the programme will return for a fourth series.

Speaking before the release of series three, she added: "I don't know, because there's eight more episodes to go on TV. It just depends on how they go. I know there's talk of it going on again but it's not 100 per cent. But I do love the show and I love the crew and the cast and the production."

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