Michelle Keegan has tea and biscuits for breakfast.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan

The former 'Coronation Street ' actress, 34, admitted food to her "is life", and she is constantly thinking about chowing down on her next meal.

She said: "I am a massive, massive foodie. Food for me is life. From the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed, I’m thinking about my food. The first thought for me when I wake up? Cup of tea. Biscuits."

The brunette beauty, who hails from Manchester, believes it is something to do with being from the North of England.

She said: "For us northerners, it’s tea and biscuits in the morning - you have like a Rich Tea or a Custard Cream. It’s fantastic.

"It wakes my taste buds up. Then I go for the savoury option. Always start with the sweet, then we go to the savoury.”

Michelle admitted to having a habit of indulging late at night, noting that she prefers salty food of an evening.

She said: "I'm quite bad at snacking quite late at night, so I am actually quite full from the night before, if I’m being honest. A lot of the time that’s something quite salty like crisps or a piece of ham with toast on top.”

The 'Brassic' star - who is married to former 'TOWIE' star Mark Wright, 34, - also opened up about her love for chip butties.

Speaking on the 'Off Menu' podcast, she added: “I would like really good chippy chips, obviously - with lots and lots of salt and vinegar. And then I want a portion of curry sauce, portion of gravy, and some mayonnaise. I want Warburtons thick slice bread, thick with Lurpak.”